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World Space Week

World Ozone Day

World Environment Day

Wild Life Week

Summer Science Camp

Science Olympiads


Michael Fara Day

Journey To Moon

Blackholes From Theory To Fact


Wildlife and space week celebration

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

national Nutrition Week

Orientation program on Science Olympiad

Hiroshima Day

Birthday celebration of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

Moon Festival

Summer Science Enrichment programme

World population Day

Orientation program on National IPR Policy

International Yoga Day Celebration

World Environment Day

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

National Technology Day

Vacation Training Program 2018

World Meteorological Day 2018

World Water Day

World Forest Day

World Sparrow Day

International Women's day celebration

Gujarat Science Festival

International Mother language day

Birthday celebration of Charles Darwin

Popular Science talk by Dr. Jen Gupta

Lunar Eclipse- Triple treat

25th National Children Science Congress 2017

Energy Conservation Day

Nobel Prize Day

World Science Day- For global understanding

World Wildlife Week Celebration

World Tourism Day Celebration

Birthday Celebration of Michel Faraday

World Ozone Day- Awareness Programme

National Nutrition Week-2017

STEM orientation for physics teachers

T-Rex Movie screening

Organ Donation day celebration

99th Birthday celebration of Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai

Physics workshop

Chemistry workshop for chemistry teachers by Royal Society of Chemistry

Moon landing day celebration

World Population day

100 years celebration of Einstein;s radiation theory

Celebration of World Environment Day 2017

Outreach Programme on International Space Station (ISS)

Summer Science Workshop on Climate Change Weather Science

Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity 2017

Training on Plant Tissue Culture

Workshop on Solar Energy

Summer Science Workshop on Robotics

Summer Science workshop on Drone and Aeromodilind

Summer Science Fun Chemistry

Summer Science session on study of Plant and Animal specimen

Summer Science Session on Bones, Body & Biology - Blood Cells & their Mechanism

Summer Science Session on Biodiversity & it's Importance

Summer Science Programme on Vedic Maths

Summer Science Camp Mystery of Butterfly

Vacation Training Programme 2017

International space station passing through the gujarat sky Part-II

International space station passing through the gujarat sky Part-I

World Meteorological Day 2017

Popular Science Lecture on NavIC Satellite

Celebration of National Science Day 2017

Celebration of International Women's Day 2017

Cosmology to the Common Man

Nobel Prize Exhibition

Vacation Training Programme 2016

Thrill Ride

Planet Earth

Musical Fountain

Life Science Park


Hall of Space

Hall of Science

Foundation Stone

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Energy Park

Children Activity Center