1. Where is Gujarat Science City located?

Answer : Science City located at the off S. G. Highway, 0.5 km from Sadbhav Circle, S. P. Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

2. How to reach Gujarat Science City ?

Answer : You can travel to the place by your private vehicle, city bus or you can even travel by hiring cab.

3. What is Science City ?

Answer : Gujarat Science City is a place in Ahmedabad, where science is explored, practical are demonstrated, curiosity is satisfied, skill is upgrade, thoughts are nurtured, learning is encouraged, knowledge is shared, science is communicated.

4. How many scientific pavilions are there in phase I of Gujarat Science City & Which are they?

Answer : Eleven.
1. IMAX 3D Theatre 2. Hall of Space, 3.Hall of Science, 4.Life Science Park, 5.Energy Education Park, 6.Planet Earth, 7.Amphitheatre, 8.Musical Fountain, 9.Children Activity Centre, 10. Thrill Ride 11. Electrodome

5. What are the visiting hours of Gujarat Science City?

Answer : 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

6. Do I need to buy ticket ahead of time/ online or can I get them at thewindow?

Answer : It is available online or you can buy from Gujarat Science City.

7. What should be the ideal period / season to visit Science City?

Answer : Gujarat Science City is open for 365 days but winter season is the best period for visit.

8. What is the ideal time to visit Science City?

Answer : Ideal time is 12:00 noon to evening 8:00 PM

9. Whether Gujarat Science City has any weekly off?

Answer : No

10. Which age group benefited/understand most by the visit?

Answer : Between 8 to 40 years Old age group.

11. How much time needed to complete the visit?

Answer : One full day at least 8 hours.

12. Are any eatable allowed?

Answer : Eatables are not allowed in pavilions of Science City.

13. Is there any Cloak room / luggage room for the visitors?

Answer : Yes.

14. What are the main attractions of Gujarat Science City which provide knowledge with entertainment and which are they?

Answer : IMAX 3D Theatre, 4D Theatre, Thrill Ride, Mission to Mars Ride, Coal Mine, Earthquake Experience, Planetarium, Musical Fountain etc.

15. How can I connectwith Science City?

Answer : Through various scientific programmes and activities round the year.

16. Whether any special discount for school & college students?

Answer : Yes.

17. Which pavilion has entry fee?

Answer : IMAX 3D Theatre, Thrill Ride, Musical Fountain.

18. Whether any special facility for differently abled person?

Answer : Yes.

19. What is annual footfall of Science City?

Answer : Approx. 10,00,000

20. What are the salient features of each pavilion of Gujarat Science City?

Answer :

IMAX 3D Theatre:
The experience of IMAX movie is amazing and unique. With a screen that is eight stories high, clarity of picture that is crystal clear background score that is heard in surround sound, IMAX transports to a different world, a world of fantasy, that you would only have dream of till now.
An experience in IMAX gives students a new platform to learn the fundamental and secrets of science that is both interesting and attractive.
Hall of Space:
The Hall of Space is a minds-on exhibit capturing the imagination of the visitors and creating an emotional involvement with the help of working models, computer multi-media motion, simulator, event simulator and interactive quiz. The Hall presents a simulated experience of a journey through the Solar System and a Thrilling exposure to the big question on life in outer space, are we alone in this vast universe?
Hall of Science: The Hall of Science is a big open laboratory, where visitors are involved in hands on exhibits. Here visitors learn science through a discovery process. They move through different enclaves on light, vision, mirrors, kinematics, sound, fluidics, energy and put their hands on interactive exhibits.
The Electrodrome provides a practical tour to the story of electricity, with static electric current, basic laws and electromagnetisms through a multimedia approach. It offers a futuristic energy scenario with practical tips for judicious use of electricity for sustainable development.
Energy Education Park:
The park aims to create awareness about various forms of energy generation and its conservation practices. Visitors explore all types of non-conventional energy sources and learn the importance of energy conservation. The entire park area has some unique structure and landscaping. The exhibits are classified according to five basic elements (panchbhuta) as propounded in ancient Indian philosophy. These includes (1) Tej (Energy from the Sun) 2. Marut (Energy from Wind) 3. AAP (Energy from the Water) 4. Kshitij (Energy from the Earth) 5. Vyom (Exploration of Space)
Life Sciences Park:
The Life Science Park proposes to show case the beauty and mysteries of nature to the public through its eco-gardens and butterfly corner. The eco-garden is help in discovering the beauty of nature through different gardens with a variety of shrubs, trees, herbs, and other flowering plants. The butterfly corner is help the visitor to see and interact with the butterflies to understand their breeding environment, their life cycle and so on.
Thrill Ride:
30 seater Ride Simulator provides the experience of riding a roller coaster, flying in an aerobatic aircraft, a journey into space and many more. An intense and thrilling experience.
Musical Fountain:
Asia's largest musical fountain having 1500-seat capacity is now the best evening time entertainment place in Gujarat Science City.The fountain consisting on 1300 sq m pond area with 56 m channel length offers 20 min show with an experience of the magical world of Light, Sound and Water; where technology fuses with fantasy and the elements come together to mesmerize the visitors. An exciting demonstration on important phenomena of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, electromagnetism and digital electronics.
1200 seat Amphitheatre with center stage is ready for organizing programs like science drama, miracles and magic shows and other entertainment programmes. With little imagination, students and community members can create an environment where the facts and figures of science combine with the excitement, emotion and energy of the theatre.
Children Activity Centre:
Gujarat Science City celebrates important scientific days and events round the year with active involvement of school and college students, teachers, community and media. With its well designed scientific event calendar, which is first of its kind, science city has been recognized as a Nodal Resource center for all scientific and information.
The approach and methodology is focused informal community based learning, which is different from the formal mode of education. All of the programs are intended to enliven the imagination, foster creativity and develop a spirit of inquiry, especially in young minds.
School children, during their, visit, discover the wonders of science and technology and get an access to the most exciting and contemporary form of entertainment regardless of their social stratum, education or age group and create a culture of learning. For this science city conducts regular training programs and workshops at state level and national level.
Planet Earth:
Planet Earth Pavilion is a unique pavilion for educating visitors about our planet earth and its rich biotic resources, natural catastrophes and technological advances.
It aims to create awareness, educated and train the people about various types of disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, etc. and to highlight the exquisite beauty and abundant truths of our own planet.

21. Which films are screened in I-MAX3D theatre of Gujarat Science City?

Answer : Born to be Wild, Madagascar, Penguin & Walking on the Moon

22. What is duration of I-MAX films?

Answer : 40 to 45 minutes

23. What is seating capacity in I-MAX theatre?

Answer : 647 seats

24. Which types of scientific days are being celebrated round the year in Science City?

Answer : GCSC celebrates awareness programme regarding to Health, Environment, Weather, Science achievement as well as celebration of eminent scientist birthday etc.

25. Which types of educational programs are organized round the year in Science City?

Answer : Vacation Training Programme on Bioresources, Orientation programme on Science Olympiads, Summer Science Enrichment Programme etc.