Event Calendar

Science Popularization Activities and Programme January to December 2018

Celebrating Science

Sr. No Name of the Activities Date & Duration Target Group
1 Happy New Year & Birthday Celebration of Satyandranath Bose        1st Jan 2018 Primary school students
2 Birthday Celebration of Stephen Hawking        8th Jan 2018 Primary school students
3 Birthday Celebration of Benjamin Franklin    17th Jan 2018 School students
4 Republic Day        26th Jan 2018 Staff GCSC, general public
5 World Wetlands Day       2nd Feb 2018 B.A. Students, media
6 World Cancer Day      4th Feb 2018 MBBS( 1st Year) students, media
7 Birthday Celebration of Thomas Alva Edison    11th Feb 2018  Primary school students, media
8 Science Carnival 2017        28th Feb to 3rd March 2018 College students, media
9 International Women’s day      8th March 2018  B.Ed college students, media
10 World Sparrow Day 20th March, 2018 Primary school students
11 World Forestry Day     21st March 2018   School students, media
12 World Water Day        22nd March 2018 School students, media
13 World Meteorological Day        23rd March 2018 School students, media
14 Vacation Training Programme        19th April to 17th May 2018 10th Std. meritorious students, media
15 World Health Day     7th April 2018 College students 
16 World Earth Day        22nd April, 2018 10th Std. meritorious students
17 National Technology Day        11th May 2018 B.E (Automobile &Mechanical), Diploma (EC & IC) students, media
18 World Telecommunication Day        17th May 2018 B.E.(EC),media
19 Career & Opportunities in Science & Technology After Std-12th Science        19th  May 2018 News Ads.,12th science students, media
20 Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity    22nd  to 31st May 2018 News Ads.(B.Sc. Fresher-any discipline), media
21 GCSC Foundation Day        31st May 2018 GCSC staff, media
22 World Environment Day        5th June 2018 (Newspaper Ads.),media
23 Birthday Celebration of Watson & Crick-DNA Model        8th June 2018 Secondary school students, media
24 Birthday celebration of Charles Coulomb        14th June 2018 Secondary school students
25 Longest Day of the year International Yoga Day         21st June 2018 General visitor(News Ads.),media
26 International Day against  Abuse & illicit Trafficking        26th June 2018 B.ed collage & PTC  students, media
27 Hands on Science        3rd July 2018 B.ed science college, media
28 World Population Day        11th July 2018 Graduate students, media
29 Orientation Programme on International Science Olympiad        23th to 26th July 2018 11th & 12th students, media
30 Birthday celebration Sir Alexandra Flaming Hiroshima Day        6th Aug 2018 Primary school students, media
31 International Youth Day Rock show        9th Aug 2018 Graduate students,Media
32 Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Jayanti       12th August 2018 School & College Students
33 Independence Day       15th Aug 2018 GCSC Staff, general visitor
34 World Photography Day        19th Aug 2018 Exhibition (News Ads.),media
35 Birthday Celebration of Ernest Rutherford        30th August 2018 Primary school students, media
36 Teacher’s Day        5th September 2018 School students, B.ed College students
37 International Literacy Day        8th September 2018 Graduate students
38 Engineer’s Day        15th September 2018 B.E. students
39 Celebration of World Ozone Day        16th September 2018 B.Sc. & B.ed students(Exhibition),media
40 Birthday Celebration of Michael Faraday        22nd September 2018 Primary students, media
41 World Heart Day       29th September 2018 Nursing students(News Ads.),media
42 Wildlife Week    1-7 October 2017   Secondary school students, media 23rd March 2018 Primary School students, media
43 World Post Day        9th October 2018 School students, media
44 World Space Week       4-10 October 2018 M.Sc. physics, media
45 International Day for Reduction of Natural Disaster    16th October 2018    GSDMA, Higher secondary school students
46 National Nutrition Day        13th to 19th Oct 2018 Mother by rotary club(News Ads.),media
47 Birthday celebration of Dr. A P J Abdul kalam        15th October 2018 School Students
48 United Nations Day        24th October 2018 School students, general visitor, media
49 Birthday celebration of Homi Jahangir  Bhabha        30th October 2018 Primary students
50 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti        31st October 2018 School & College students, media
51 Birthday Celebration of Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman        7th Nov 2018 B.Sc(Physics),Media
52 World Science Day        10th to 13th Nov 2018 School & College Students, Media
53 State Level Painting Competition        14th Nov 2018 Primary students
54 World Diabetes Day        14th Nov 2018 Young School teachers & Media
55 Birthday celebration of Jagdish Chandra Bose        30th Nov 2018 Primary students ,media
56 World AIDS Day        1st Dec 2018 MSW students,Media
57 National Energy Conservation Day        14th Dec 2018 School students, media
58 Shortest Day of the Year        21st Dec 2018 (News Ads.) General visitor, media
59 Birthday Celebration of Srinivas Ramanujan        22nd  Dec 2018 Primary school students, media
60 Birthday Celebration of Sir Isaac Newton        25th Dec 2018 Primary school students, media