Hall of Science





Hall of Science
With a breed of working exhibits, visitors discover science by themselves in the Hall of Science at the Gujarat Science City. They can turn handles, press buttons, look through peepholes, perform fascinating experiments and be amazed at their own capability of making things work.

This is a place that does not have a display "please dont touch". This exhibit hall in the Science City urges the visitors to touch and manipulate the exhibits to their liking.

Everybody talks about conservation of energy these days. But what is Energy in the first instance - how is it transformed from sound to light to electricity to magnetism and so on? Here you can produce electricity through your own body, make your own magnet, get electricity from the Sun.

You just paddle on a bicycle and generate electricity to light up the lamps and run a TV system where your own image will appear. Paddle hard to generate more power to light up more lamps. Then you learn to transmit the power through pulleys, gears and linkages. Lift yourself up by pulling a rope, spin on a chair to experience how the ballet dancers spin fast on their toes, and simulate the planetary motion to watch how the planets move faster while coming closer to the Sun.

In this exhibit hall, mathematics is all fun, pendulum is a moving beauty creating different kinds of motions and patterns, and mirrors create magic. You can cut off your head and offer to others on a silver platter. You can fly in air, and get mixed up with your friend like ardhanarishwar (half man and half woman).


Hall of Science Attractions

Gear Train
Power Bicycle
Anti Gravity
Celestial Motion
9 Loop
Lift your own weight
Sound Exhibits
Dopplers Effect
Echo Sound
Lissajous Pendulum
Stereo Vision
Light Island
Captive shadow/Color Shadow
You and Me
Multiple Reflections
I Fly
Body less Head
Mirror/Glass Exhibits
Transformation of Energy
Mobious Band
Elliptical Carom Board
Elliptical Wave Tank
Mirror Maze