Hall of Space



The Hall of Space in the Gujarat Science City has been designed as a high- tech exhibition involving latest techniques with an area of 20,000 sq ft. Visitor walk around the ways and the working models of the new vistas opened by the space and communication explorations. They can explore how different types of communication signals are emitted, transformed, encoded and decoded so that they would be sent to a distance or stored. In addition, the pavilion gives the visitors an experience how people communicated with each other in the ancient time and also compare it with the modern day communication media.

Interactive and educative exhibits of Hall of Space expose the visitor to the technologies of communication through sound / signals / codes and satellite. The pavilion gives the visitor an insight into the working of satellites, mobile telephone, Internet and the application and usage of these technologies in real life.

The exhibits include simulated journey through the space, animatronics with sound - synchronized pneumatic robots, computer-controlled multi-screen panoramic projection, precision interactive exhibits on experiments planned by NASA, touch-screen computer multimedia programs. All exhibits have been designed to involve massive visitors participation, both physical and emotional.



Hall of Space Attractions

Space Exploration
Seven Screen Projection
Solar System Interactive Theatre
Mars Capsule
Visuals on Mars
Walking on Moon